TEAMThe restoration activities began in 1993. Our team is composed by restorers and conservators. The skills and knowledge of each individual are aimed towards the conservation of artworks and architectural artifacts.

They were developed by focusing our activities on: securing, consolidating and preserving cultural assets characterized by the presence of sculptural elements, mortar moldings, terracotta materials, stucco, and painted plaster, classified as stone materials and derivatives. The primary intent is to guarantee and reestablish the value of the artifacts and historical documents, irrespective of their origin.

The direct involvement implies a continuous commitment and revision of the conservation techniques of artifacts, which is performed in the testing of newly formulated materials and through a practical approach, testing and comparing tested products and ancient techniques. The careful selection favors interventions aimed at the removal of the causes of degradation and preservation in time of the objects of our past.

Special care is devoted to the diagnosis and the inspection of the conservation status before, during and after the restoration, promoting and elucidating the use of the manual of conservation planning.

It is common practice to make audiovisual documentation of the work, allowing a direct explanation of the methods and techniques of intervention adopted, focusing on the educational and informative aspects of the world of restoration.



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