SANTA MARIA AL PARADISO CHURCH – MILANO internal surfaces cleaning tests January 30, 2015

Intervention site: SANTA MARIA AL PARADISO CHURCH – MILANO internal surfaces Technical intervention: various– stratigraphic assays and cleaning tests Description: before each intervention it is customary to investigate the surfaces searching for the different layers, repaintings and morphological aspects of the constituting materials in order to optimize the proposed intervention and to ensure a fair economical balance between the estimate and the final work. The preliminary tests constitute the optimal handbook approach to a conservative restoration.

Landriani Palace MILANO January 17, 2015

The recovery prospects of the Palazzo Landriani Within the project of recovery and reuse of the complex called Palazzo Landriani, it was possible to retrieve and restore part of the decorative apparatus that embellished the external surfaces of the building, at architectural elements and original backgrounds. Return the decorated surfaces to leave reading and identification of various styles adopted in epochs which have followed from the 15th century to the 19th century, characterized by decorative architectural subjects: frames, frames and…

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